My local Touge/ Mountain road.

so today i hiked to the peak of my local mountain road. this is my road from the top of the mountain, and they just re-paved it. its super sweet. No guard rails either.
my new ride.

who are you again?

im that ninja.


Ok man, I’ll see you there!

how many km’s is it all twisty like that? I’d love to take a road trip out there, but if I can’t drive out, will you let me drive? :slight_smile:

The honey has a conference out there this fall sometime and we’re probably going to make a vacation out of it, I told her that I couldn’t be in Alberta and not see you.

ps: nice new ride!

Mmmm Norquay Rd. I guess it’s sort of my “local” road. I’ll have to check it out since it’s been re-paved.


Damn that’s serious…

lol that is man…must be fun in the winter

It’s my goal to drive several roads while I’m out there… Good to see you’re enjoying things.

And Mark, that’s the funniest sig you’ve had yet.

hahaha…hey pete, so does jesse’s roads compare to yours? :slight_smile:

That’s one HELL of a road.

Different type of road, but yeah, she stacks up :stuck_out_tongue:

omg i see a hick !

Don’t lie jesse you know you hard park now since your not with us.

If your the best like everyone says you are you would touge burleigh hill with us hahaha

Miss ya buddy!! Wish I was there.

what city is in the pics?


its definately paradise. I cant wait till i move to revelstoke BC in November

hey man, do you know of a board shop called rude boys?

y cant like the GTA have roads liek this. damit.