My new to me bike

I finally got my bike on the road. It is an 87 Virago XV1100. 7800 miles.

It was dirty as all hell, grimy, covered with dried up WD40. Mouse nest in air cleaner, carbs a mess. Oil black as night and smelled of gas. Front brake fluid looked like really dark iced tea.

I got the bike from a coworker, who just wanted the bike out of his garage. He heard me talking about a cheap bike that needed some wrenchin’ to get it runnin’.

I took it home, cleaned the carbs and reassembled them. Changed the oil, the spark plugs, put in a new battery, fabricated an air filter, and aired up the tires.

It took a little while but it finally fired up and runs like a champ. I’ve put about 20 miles on just putting up and down the street and around the block.

The bike is in my sig and here is a link to picasa: My 1100 Virago

I spent $300 on the bike, $76 on insurance, $102 for plate and notary, $45 on battery, and about $75 on miscellaneous nuts, bolts, filters, etc.

Plans for the bike include, some straight handle bars, new mirrors, new signals, modify the exaust baffles, and a new rear tire. Anyone have some straight handle bars they want to part with cheap?

Nice bike :cool:

my buddy had one of those, but i think it was a 750, he had a ton of parts sitting around, i think he had a set of drag bars as well, i can ask him if he still has anything i am pretty sure that most parts are the same on the 1100 and the 750