My sweet new ribbon

A friend had a few custom ribbons made up for us.
far away

looks just like a normal “support our troops” ribbon or something until you get up close…

i get some weird looks, and people constantly ask me wtf it means…

thats retarded.

Hahahahaha. I’m so sick of seeing those other ones.

retarted like how all the support our troops ribbons are made in taiwan? ya kinda retarted like that i guess…

how much of the proceeds do you guys actually see? After a billion of them have been sold… I’d hope something has made it back to you guys.

:lol: its a sticker.

but for you to put some dumbass internet lingo on there that has nothing to do with what the ribbon is supposed to represent is retarded.

dont ignore me bastard

lol. i have no idea jack, i think alot of the proceeds go into funds to pay for stuff on base like better internet hookups, more phones, etc. not sure tho.

i guess thats cool. it should buy you guys plane tickets home, and get a c130 to fly by with a huge ass banner on the back that says FUCK YOU GUYS I’M GOING HOME


good idea. i told my boss he will know when im flying out of here when he sees two sexy butt cheeks up against the glass of the plane on the way out :tup:

this is correct, i indeed will be there

I work at delta and see a TON of these and every one Ive seen is made in the USA… :gotme:

I was at Ft Bragg yesterday (where the ribbons must be manditory) and I saw one that said “Support Strippers.”

Now there’s something our boys can get behind.

as far as i am concerned, anyone rocking a ribbon on their car can go get fucked.

they are stupid, bandwagon garbage. get the fuck out of my face with them.

i like joes though. so good.

hehehe, I saw a black ribbon that said “I need my Hockey Fix(ed)”

i just cant wait for people who pull the faded magnets off of their trunk to trade in their vehicle and say wtf to the ghost of faded paint where the ribbon was for the past year.

Those were created here in Buffalo.

All these magnets seem awfully elitist to me. “I have a magnet on my car, therefore I care about these things more than you do.” That’s what I think it means. Like as if my lack of a magnetic ribbon on my car is the defining factor in my level of concern about the troops, cancer or whatever else these people pretend to care so much about.

I saw one that says “Support Pimpin’” - talk about stupid, but who cares, really?

I seriously doubt any of the money ends up going directly to “the troops.” Or breast cancer research for that matter. Unless they’re being bought directly from a troop or cancer patient, or maybe one of the cancer organizations.

Retailers buy them wholesale for less than $5 per dozen. They’re certainly not made in the USA. Check out the ones you see in most gas station food marts, or at the supermarket. They’re made in China. It costs much less to make them there than here in the USA. Sure, some American is making some of the money from the sales, but it sure as hell isn’t going to Uncle Sam (directly). Of course all the taxes involved make their way to the US government, so indirectly the “troops” see some of the money. I guess the more profit someone can make on them, the more taxes get collected (income tax), the higher the retail price, the more sales tax, and so on. So, in the financial support of the “cause” sense, I guess it works out in the end. Not so much for cancer, but even then, a better overall economy must somehow influence cancer research, right?

My only problem with them is the whole bandwagon effect. People don’t know WHY they want them on their car. They just want one because everyone else has one, so it must somehow be a good thing to do. I seriously hate such sheepish mentalities.

how come we aren’t friends?

because the 2 of you read too deap into shit.
so this is how your friendship would turn out

cool, i got a new friend
1 week later
sweet, we think alike
1 more week
i wonder if he is just my friend because he wants to get in to my head, and steal my ideas and post them on nyspeed before i do
1 more week after that
i knew it… he is trying to steal my brain, and use it for world domination

you can see where this is leading

  • LOL at Zer0DazE -

I didn’t know we weren’t friends. Now I’m sad. Maybe I need a ribbon to express that.