NYSpeed Logo T-Shirts, Hoodies & Stickers!

Alright we’re going to try this:

  • Go here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/onyxz32
  • Choose your style of logo (white logo for dark shirts, dark logo for light shirts or full color logo)
  • Choose your style of shirt or hoodie and color (price depends on what color and type of clothing you’re buying)
  • Choose if you want the logo on the back or the front
  • Choose your size
  • Add to cart and pay
  • Your items are shipped to you

Simple right?


The prices are not the cheapest as you’re also paying for shipping and the convenience of buying exactly what you want / when you want it, but it’s better than paying up front, waiting months for them to be made, etc.

Here’s the catch… I’ve never actually seen their product BUT I have read reviews that the shirts are good quality and I found the site via FinalGear who’s using them as well.

These are FinalGear’s shirt samples NOT ours (obviously) :


I’m going to order soon for myself to check out the quality :tup:

No-go for polos? Need to rep the brand around the office lol

That site doesn’t offer polos :frowning:

Motocross sent me a company that did almost anything but they never responded to any of my emails / phone call.

I want a polo eventually.

Contact Al-Ross?

Too hard to collect money from people up front, place an order, wait for the order to arrive, plan a meet for everyone to pick them up, etc…


who does Scott go though for his Defend Buffalo shirts? maybe get into contact with him the shirts are great quality

What color / style Prog?

I think I’ll buy something outta here… the question is what.

I always thought a small sticker would be cool but always thought it would get me a ticket for sure. LOL Anyone ever have that happen to them?

White detail on blue…liked the look of it and I need some color in my wardrobe.

See post #5

I’m sure they’re great but this is way easier.

This is an awesome idea Josh. I will be going with a black or charcoal with the standard logo. I just picked up two shirts from Scott, my shirt collection is growing!

Had them on both my vehicles for years without problems.

However, I do not know the quality of the stickers that this place produces… so I’d still recommend buying from ihatestickers.

I’m still really upset that the guy never got back to you :frowning:

I’ll be ordering these though!

Now you can let the public know you’re a detrimental douche bag to the local automotive scene in style.

^ and how!

Great prices too…


:clap: :biglaugh:

^ lol

Those who ordered so far post a review when they come in :tup:

If they are available I would take an XL blue one.