Logo Attempts

I’ve been messing around with some logo ideas. While the old site had some cool text for a logo / title, I always thought it was hard to read and nothing special. Nothing against the text-on-the-top, but it’s boring. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I used the New-York-State-Style font for the ‘NY’ and then tried to make the ‘S’ into a roadway of sorts… the bar above and below I wanted to put lines on (like dashed street lines) but every time I tried It didn’t look right or as good as just leaving the ‘S’ blank.

So what do you guys think? Here are two images; one Black & White (like a sticker would look like) and a little red carbon fiber one maybe for a site logo.



Yeah, the top logo looks boring. Nice attempt on your part! Let’s see what the admins say.

not to bad…u should come up with more though…have a wide variety of choices

eh, i think the colors suck but how about the design?


holy huge
resize maybe?

lol i did, forgot to resize after photochop :stuck_out_tongue:

damn, quick reply haha

i was just about to edit my post but…um…i cant?

guess not :shrug:

Nice jim… I like it but it doesn’t really go with the color scheme of the forum with the brown in there… See if you guys can get some multi-shaded blues in there… I do like the hash marks like on a Tach. We were talking about getting a boost gauge looking thing with BLING BLING 35psi on the high.

That looks like an amateur logo… no offense. It would go well in a sticker either.

I like chino’s for the webpage but the red carbon fiber ish colors is kinda hot… oh oh oh… maybe instead of red carbon fiber blue weave would look nicer? and I wouldn’t mind seeing the NY next to Speed instead of on top… then it looks basically like onyx’s but with more color… yep… It looks amazing in my head…

The tach / boost logo is played out IMO… GReddy used it a while back, even Joe used it for his true-race thing he did. And I know I had seen at least 4 different small biz’s using some variation of it when we were down in PA for that car show.

Here is a play on the first one it did, just wrapped in a loop;


I updated it with more forum looking colors, it could be blanded together to all look like its on the same depth for a sticker tho… but i don’t know i am not an artist/marketing type person at all


IBasically what im saying is if someone with some artistic talent/knowhow wanted to take my psd (if they think that any of it is good) feel free :stuck_out_tongue:

ideas for shirts or stickers?

not very well executed, but i think a spin on this would be pretty cool…

you should convince JoesTypeS to donate the logo I designed for truerace since truerace is no more… that would work great.

I will work on some when i get a chance…

Awesome so far, but not anything that tickles my grundl— i mean my fancy yet.


imo we should try to incorporate an image in the state of new york into the logo… but here’s my quick edit of a sig pic i made before…

I see a VW shifter

so – no likey then? :frowning: :shrug: