new use for.....

well i was removing my ubrf stickers today, when i had an idea…

pretty convenient :rofl: just cut the top off the “a” to make a “d”

Haha,nice :tup:



HAHAH Im sooooooo doing that tommorow lololol

nice mang :rofl:



that’s a cool idea…

too bad mine already in trash can…lol

once we decide on a logo im getting free stickers for all users

mmm, stickers for all

dont forget jay i still got that other set of them for you, lol

my vote ^

I left mine on my car… and I put my new gay pride rainbow sticker next to it.

VERY VERY fuckin nice that gets my vote as well awesome jobby

it’s VERY nice…but I still keep reading it as NYS PEED… my roomate agrees. I’m gunna go make a few changes if that’s okay…and we’ll see if it makes a difference maybe.

font size shouldnt change

I think it looks great, maybe offset the NY a tiny bit so it doesnt line up with SPEED, but i never really saw a problem

there isnt any problems really… just need to adjust the stroke on the font…yeah and maybe offset the NY a little more. I need to get get a copy of Illustrator cuz mine was wiped out…grr…otherwise you’d see what i mean right now…

i think it looks clean and all, but i just think the S is too extended :gotme: