The Logo is finally up!

Looks good man!!!


looks good :tup:


s00n meng s00n

NY Peed is looking good :tup:

good job guys.

I was like Where is it?? then I hit refresh :tup:

yes it is nice :tup:

:tup: awesome logo

yay for logos

not feeling the smallness.

but i like the design :tup:

oooo i like i like :tup:

size queen…:roll2:

looks good :tup:

a typical response from those who feel that “size doesent matter”


i just think it is dis-porpotionat to the rest of the top of the website… :gotme:

Definitely looks good :tup:

Rocking it on my Windshield already :wink:


:bsflag: Post pics with penny and nickel.

Didn’t you see Adam’s mad leet one. He only pointed it out about 5 times.