Name is naveed love skylines

hey guys…so like most of you i have loved the nissan skyline from the time i saw it and heard about its rep. now i dont have a skyline but i want to buy a R32 gtr in the coming year im saving right now. i need help from you guys. heres some background i did own a toyota supra 89 turbo but i sold it i loved the car but i always wanted the skyline so i kno about the car i dono if there are problems with the gtr32 wats a good mileage to buy and how much would a nice one cost me imported oh and where is the best place i can go to look for these car i kno two places tiger japanese ive seen and one in montreal i havent been to but i saw there cars online…any help would be apreciated greatly :slight_smile:

GTRCanada has lots skylines for sale
& with the r32 thay have a crappy oil pump(most people upgrade them to a N1 oil pump)
but outher then that i think r32’s own(i own one my self 1990gtr)