National Grid "Electric Rate Class" Question

Anyone know the answer to this?

I was just looking at my bill online and noticed on the left side under “service details” that there is a “rate class” for my electric service. I have two properties, one that’s listed as “heat” and one that’s listed as “non-heat”.

From what I can tell online, it seems like the “heat” rate class costs less because it’s for heating the home? And the non-heat would be more expensive?

I found an old news article where NGrid was incorrectly billing people for a more expensive rate class, but that was in relation to gas not electric. Just want to make sure I’m not getting burned! :money_mouth_face:

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Bump for @tpgsr he probably knows.

According to National Grid there no longer is any difference between “non-heat” and “heat” rate classes as far as price. I’m told if I was getting HEAP (Government assistance) then it would matter.

I think this is an internal classification. Probably used to prioritize level of service and shut offs

I.e. if you don’t pay your bill for your house, they probably give you more time before cutting service than if you didn’t pay your bill for say a storage facility. I’m just guessing though