Anybody want to save money on their Utility Bills?

I just signed up for this. Honestly…it takes 5 mins, doesn’t cost anything and you save a decent amount on your gas and electric bills.

If i had signed up for this prior to last winter, i would have cut about $40 off my gas bill each month.

ECNY is a not for profit that provides low cost power for both commercial and residential customers.
Below is a quick overview of the residential programs provided.

Natural Gas:


The following link provides a history of ECNY’s supply rate versus NFG:

You will note that they have shown significant savings over this past winter (10-32%).

I have also attached a report for an account currently in the program. The report is provided at least twice a year by ECNY.

National Grid, NYSEG, RG&E:

ECNY also provides commercial gas service in other utility territories, they are not actively enrolling residential accounts.


National Grid, NYSEG, RG&E:

The savings for electric are much lower than in natural gas, but it is still worth signing up. Depending on where your account is located, there are specific gross revenue tax benefits that may apply. All customers are exempt from the Municipal Sales Tax (4.75% for Erie County) on the T&D portion of their bill. This alone can save you a few dollars a month. National Grid also provides an additional $0.53/bill credit.

To enroll in any of the electric or gas programs, follow this link: and click on the “Enroll Online” for the specific utility and energy type (gas or electric). You will need your account number from your most recent bill in order to enroll.


:tup: thanks for the details. I have always been curious about these programs, but never took the time to investigate.

:tup: Frugal.

Nice…any savings will help out. Thanks. :slight_smile:

thanks for the link/info :tup:

I was using Gateway as my supplier, just took a look and I was paying more so I switched.

Did you research the rest of the provider options?


We use propane out here, so no savings for me there, and my electric bill is usually only $30 a month…I wonder if I’d save much

What are you, Amish?

The Amish built my house for me last summer, does that count?

My electric is $100 and I don’t have a sump pump or well pump!

My electric is $239 and my house is 1/3 the size of his!

Electric heat?

$239?! What the hell are you using? My electric is usually around $50.

Year round hot tub and central air. And 2 roommates/tenants with more electronics than a teenaged asian kid, as well as an insistence on running their own mini fridges, etc.

no. Honestly, i am very unfamilar with the market of providers. I just know that this provider saves me over what i was paying and it was recommended by a friend. Do you have any furthor imput to other providers?

have you noticed any extension chords going over to your neighbor’s by any chance?

I think my electric bill was only $30 last month AND i have central air.

My actual electric usage is somewhere around $180 a month. I’m on budget plan and this is the first year I had the hot tub, so i went over by $50 a month all winter and got socked with it now.

Wow… this is some pretty good stuff :tup: