Need a tip

Hi guys… Im Alex… from Montreal.

I own a 240SX. And considering the SR20DET engine swap.

I own a 1989 model in EXCELLENT condition. I know there are few problems with the 89 models for the Engine swap however I want to know if any of you (if any did the swap) had any problems with their new SR20DET engine. Its a huge project and it costs a lot and I want to make sure I will not regret it afterwards.

Thank you.

power steering lines from a 91+ for the SR 89/90 for the CA

larger fuel pump,

wiring is simple enough if you search for the answers

Mine is a 1990 and I didn’t have many problems. The only things that involve extra work on a 89/90 then a 91 and up is the power stearing lines, the RPM gauge has to be changed to a 91 and up and you have to instal a VLSD dif in the back. Oh yeah and if your using a FMIC the pig nose involves a little more fabricating to get it to fit properly.

you don’t HAVE to…that is only an upgrade.

To get it running you will need:

Large fuel pump
91+ Tachometer
Change wiiring
Upper rad hose (if using stock rad)
Electric fan (if SR did not include a fan)
91+ PS lines (or bend 89 ones somehow)

I may be forgetting some shit, can’t think right now.

k… thanks a lot