Need ASAP: Vinyl joint in Southtowns

One color (black), I have the vector art in whatever format they’d prefer, need by Thursday afternoon. Give me a phone number or you can call me at 549-5100 ext. 281.

This is going on a race car for a run this weekend in Toronto.


call my father

hes in west seneca

pm me for details

'Preciate that Kevin. Pm on the way.

PS I saw you got me on the “other” board too :lol:

Nick at Toad Hollow Studio (aka “the sign shop”) Camp Road in hamburg, he is on the board as redrrocket as well.

Very cool, also appreciate that. I’m going to try Kevin’s pop first and see if he can do it, it’s a pretty tight deadline.

Kevin, I’ll give your dad a call after 1 PM today. :tup:

ok hes expecting ur call.


Just got off the phone with your dad, Kevin, sounds like a real good guy. I will be visiting your homestead around 2 or so tomorrow. He told me about the “no smoking” sign on his car, I might have to get me one of those :rofl:

Thanks again, that is a lifesaver.


ahh the rice one :slight_smile:

yeah he loves that, gets alot of compliments on it.

lol he said finally a customer who gives him the right format the first time!!!

does he want to give us a quote on the stickers?

what stickers?

we need stickers made for the site

sure, just gimmie the info and ill pass it on to him

lol! I used to work for Vinyl Signz Plus when it was in that building with Darryl’s Car Audio on Union. used to piss me right off when a “graphic designer” brought in stuff for diecut as a .jpg. :whip:

holy shit even I know that a jpg is good as a line drawing on a napkin … i think about the only think a jpg has over napkin art is the fact that its on your comp instead of the desk, lol

but then again, i used to know brett wilde of wilde art

Send me his contact info, I need some J&J banners made

Most of the time it was “freelancers” that figured out how to copy/paste with Photoshop 5.5 and started opening a business with actual companies around WNY - then got wicked pissah when we informed them we’d have to redo all their art and the cost just tripled :rofl:

I actually prefer napkin art because I can scan it, then wipe my mouth after my spicy tendercrisp, whereas .jpgs just raise my blood pressure without that zippy tang of “hat sass”. :lol:

I will be running out to get these later, afterwards buickgn will be my first positive test of the “karma system” :smiley:


the funny thing is now adays, is that anyone with 0 talent can get a plotter and make signs, which isnt good for ppl like my father who actually has talent and been in the business for over 30 years., good thing hes retired, let the no talent sign makes fight over themselves now.

Just got back from Kevin’s house - his dad does excellent, professional, timely work - even threw in a “No Rice” decal for free! Two :tup: :tup: from me. Thanks man!