NEED Oil Sandwich Plate Fitting - 3/4-16unf

Hey, a little urgent, need center bolt fitting for red top sr… Its what snugs the oil sandwich plate to the block adapter, and has a male side to screw an oil filter onto… both threads are 3/4-16unf… i have one for an s14 sr, which is m20x1.5…
car is in pieces untill then, pls let me know
^^ see two fitting in bottom left of picture, i need the longer one

sorry sir i got no spares right now.

Dude let me check, i used the s14 one , jsut need to find the s13 one it also came with.
I’ll get back to you.

Sorry to get your hopes up. I don’t have it.

You cant just get the part orderd off the interweb? Ebay has to be able to get em…if not call Sasha at SG I’m sure he may have one layin around or able to order you one. Always try sg for ish.