Need some advice v. Blender


i was watching HSN and they have this sweet ass Wolfgang Puck blender.

on the show it looks sweet ass. i mean they were breaking up all kinds of shit and it was working like a champ.

based on the reviews here what do you think i should do?

HSN for the lose


WTF could you possibly be blending that would require something industrial? Spend the 80 bux at Bed Bath and Beyond or wherever Blenders and sold and shut up…


I’m 99% sure you could get a much better blender for that amount of money if it didn’t have his name on it.

BlenderBlaster FTW.


That’s the coolest blender company I have ever seen. If I was rolling in dough, I would definitely pick one of those up.

Do it, Jon, you pimp!!

My mama just bought a Cuisinart.

It was $80.

But it came with the food processor cup thinger. I make a mean margarita.

I’ve heard good things about the “Magic Bullet” from Target.

we get people coming into my work (The UPS Store) alllllllllllllll the time returning HSN crap so i dunno.

Meh, Wolfgang Puck’s name and still ony $45? Sounds fishy. Pony up for a good one. A decent blender will last 20 years.

I got one as a gift and I don’t like it at all. Works nothing like they show in the infomercial.

Thats right QVC = winnar