Need someonw with flatbed to haul away a car.

i dont know if classifields is the right section but, my 240 coupe needs to go. its not on wheels, and the fornt suspension is misssing, along with motor tranny, diff sway bars, roof (HAHAHAA) Basically its gutted, theres alomst nothing left but a rotting shell.

If anyone knows anyone with a flatbed that will just take it please let me know

or just call a damn junkyard…

Donate it. I’m sure the Times Union has several ads for the charities. The boneyard will pick it up for free and you get your $500 tax deduction!

no one will take it. ive called 6 junkyards. its because theirs nothing left. its all stripped

im calling a scrapyard now… see how that goes

i might beable to borrow a flat bed and take it to the port idk i can find out

did u tell them its stripped. i had my old civic picked up and this shit was bare, sitting on blocks

a1 autocrushers… if ur shits dead, have it crushed by red

that say has been stuck in my head all damn day. :lol ill call first thing tommorow

yeah my cousin parted out a del sol a while ago and he got like $200 for the bare shell, including flatbed removal.

still trying to find someone. the only problem is, you need a winch to pull it up the trailer. its on blocks and most of the front of the car is cut up. im expecting like 50 tops that picks it up. Callin A1 now

If you can find a way to get it to a scrap yard that’s worth alot more than $50 to them…even more if you fill the spaces in the frame with concrete :nod :rofl