neonglh = or > some random black viper

Johnny and I went to the post office today on xxx road and as we pulled out to leave, there was a black Dodge Viper pulling out too. I tried getting his attention, but he kept weaving in and out of traffic. I got next to him once, and got on it, and he still just took off, weaving in and out of traffic. I was hoping he’d want to race more…

So, we get up further, and he is at a red light in the right lane, I pulled up slowly in the left lane. I stayed in second, and it went green. At maybe… 20 mph or so, he was about half a car inhead of me. He got on it, and then I did too. I pulled a little bit in 2nd, and then when I shifted, he got back to where we started, and then we went through 3rd gear (under 100) and I got about dead even with him again. I am pretty sure that is me pulling a viper, but since it was so close I won’t claim I “beat him” so lets say we were about the same.

It was just him in the viper, maybe 20’s white guy, and then in my car, Johnny and myself, pump gas, and car full of parts (we were on a parts run). So, thats cool :tup:


neon > viper?

viper kills are always awesome…but that just takes the cake :tup:

dout he really got on it

So at the redlight he was stopped, and you were going 20mph?
Meh, he was probably only on it about half way.

Hah, I know when a car is on it and when its not. Vipers are not that fast stock.

At the red light, I was going 20, and he go right next to me, and then he punched it. We both started the same speed, he was just half a car in head of me and started it. When we ended, we were bumper to bumper.

Probably stock viper.

viper kills are always awesome…but that just takes the cake

Exactly :slight_smile:


Viper’s are slow and gay, just like “Just Karter”.

False and true.
Vipers stock arent that fast is true.
I know for a fact 3/4 and wide open throttle sound mostly the same, expecially on stock exaust.
you still wont tell me how much hp that thing is making :biglaugh:

I don’t know man, hehe. Not trying to be sneaky, I just don’t know. It moves pretty good though. Dyno’s are nice for bragging rights, and tuning, but I prefer results :slight_smile:

I like putting coffee cups by the weather station and fucking with correction factors.

Dyno numbers are “fun” but yeah…


Good kill. What year approx viper was it?

Niiiice, another one for the underdog.

Thanks guys. It wasn’t really a kill, but I didn’t lose, heh.

Did the viper driver have a shirt on??

It wasn’t marcus :party2:

It was funny, 1st hope was he gets on zee hyway. That didnt happen, 2nd was a opening in traffic for a short roll. Not gonna happen from him working he way between cars 2F2F style. Few mins later he’s up, at the red light and everyone pulls into turning lanes :eekdance: Mark just slowed down short, to roll thu it. And the guy gets on it, at like the top of his 2nd getting up to speed passing us. He pulled a open car, I think mark was pedaling it good, because I didn’t notice smoke down my side of the car. Next gear reeled him into a bumper, and he sat there. The dude with trogdor arm at 11ock looking out the hood on the neon, got on the brakes and took a right into a plaza. I got to do a :shrug: out the window.

A kid with a DSM, pulled into the parts store down the road to talk about it. Then later some beat ass EG hatch we think did a Ebrake drift pulling out behind out, Almost slide across the road into the curb. I was a exciting parts store run.


ok wtf am i your avatar for: hahahah

:::searching for pics of you…::::

good kill