Neutral dropping a 450 H.P. Roadrunner


Read for a good “wow this kid is dumb” story

Ive always been known to be a showoff in anything. Well the other day it bit me in the ass. My car was in the shop being looked at (paint peeling off trunk lid and shop wont repaint NEVER GO TO BARNEYS AUTO BODY ON WASHINGTON PIKE UNLESS U LIKE GETTING RIPPED OFF but thats another story)

so while my car was in the shop, i was sitting at home. bored. trying to find somthing to do. Then i realized my dads 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner with a 440 ci 6-pack, aggresive street/race cam, radical torque converter, and 4:10s was sitting in my garaged. He lets me drive it all the time, but when hes with me. So…like a stupid 18yr old…i take it out of the garage and off to a friends house.

I pick him up and go take it down washington pike for some cruising and hot-dogging. lil burnout here, some 0-85 here, didnt hurt anything. so im getting ready to take him back home so i pull onto rt 50 by sunoco and extreame motorsports. We get to the light and i notice this guy beside me in a mini van laughing at us. Well, like a cocky shit, i start revving at him. So i put it in 1st (automatic but still like to go through the gears) and wait for the light to change. 5 seconds later it does and i romp it. well, apparetly i did something earlier in the night cause it never shifted into 1st until like 2500 or 3000 RPMs. it hit first harder than ever and completely roasted the back tires all the way through first, and half of second (3 speed tranny). so we hit like 75 and i shift into 3rd and the tranny doesnt shift. uh ho… Just then i smell this burning oil smell. Did you ever see a NASCAR driver grenade an engine? yea…that was me. So i pulled over and looked under the car. To my suprise, oil was pouring out from between the tranny and engine, all over the headers, almost causing a fire. :puke: thought i was gonna die. Just as i stood up, the guy in the mini van goes driving by, honking his horn, and laughing his ass off.

needless to say dad was pissed and im not aloud to drive the car until i get the tranny fixed.

anyone ever blew somthing on their car and feel like sharing so i dont feel so stupid…

Can I get my 2 minutes back?

Wasn’t to bad, but I know if I did that to my dad’s car no matter how old 1st I’m not driving any of his cars again and 2nd I’m getting an ass whoopin for not respecting his stuff.

hey he was pissed, i got a nice ass beating but im 18 so he expects me to fight back but i didnt cause i def. diserved it.




So this is your story. I hope you learned to respect other peoples property more.

Cliffs Notes:
Don’t drive dad’s car if he says not to.
If you think an old guy in a minivan is goading you into a race, check for smoking components of car.

yea, its only parts, and i will pay for it.

I read your sig and then the story started to make sense. Anyone that would put that much money into a V6 stang is dumb enough to blow up their dad’s car.

yes 04mustang232 calls me an says ull never guess wat i did i go what did you do? he says blew thetranny in my dads road runner i laugh an say ur fucked an then now everytime i leave a message i tell him im just chillin blowin up some trannys or somethign liek that to make fun of him.

not only did 04mustang232 blow his dads tranny but wrecked his traxxas tmax into a guard rail at 65 mph lol well actually this funny lookin mexican did but thats besides the point

instead of gettin the car towed 04mustang232 drove it home respectively haha

some peoples kids

Dont buy a mopar. And thats about it. :eek4dance



I only need to say a couple of things.

  1. v6 stang with mods:greddy:
  2. 18 years old:nono:

Better start searching :wtcslap:

haha alot of people think that about my v6 but the only people ignorant enough to knock other peoples cars are ws6 owners cause the think they are the shit. thats all i could afford living with divorced parents and having to go to school sooo id say im doing pretty good. ws6 are sick as hell but c’mon give me some credit yo i keep it clean

not that im taking sides but i have to agree with 04mustang 232 not everyone can afford the greatest fastest or amazing car their is. 04mustang232 is taking the car that he has and making it into somethin nice like people do with civics or what ever car they have at the time. but 04mustang232 did blow his dads roadrunners tranny so thats a lil diffrent side not cuz he is 18 but he likes to have alil fun cuz his car isnt that powerful :smiley: :smiley: