new ams evo vid

wow can it launch hard

:bigthumb: I love the Air Force 4G 63 on the back that car is amazing all around.

they went 9.1@162mph today at the shootout

I heard it broke… and Buschur was the fastest with a 9.5

ok… thats pretty f’n sick

you heard wrong

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Ran a 9.139 at 162.12 today. Bogged it again, 1.54 60’ but perfect run otherwise.

was that the evo shootout or the east coast shootout?

holy piss… if he could only make the thing go straight!

it seemed to of bogged on both launches… at least compared to it going all out…

thats a pretty damm quick 4 cyl right there.

162mph is mid 8 second passes

yeah with a perfect run. the AMS car is no longer a street car in the trim it is in the vids. it is now in pro 4 cylinder so it is on sheps level.

DSM 4g63 > Evo 4G63

Its no doubt fast as fuck… but I dont think the launch is hard. Shep launches out of controll compared to that car. This car is an auto, but look how hard this fucker launches. Someone just posted it today, so I figured I would pass it along.

I saw cars launch harder down at pittsburgh thunder, on a normal road(the first vid).

holy stiffen up the rear shocks a bit.