New Family Guy tonight..

Peter takes Quagmire to the airport for work and messes things up, causing Quagmire to lose his job as a pilot. Quagmire can’t find another job, so Peter and Cleveland devise a plan to get his old job back. When the plan flops, Quagmire receives advice from his idol, Hugh Hefner.

…god I love family guy

this is gonna rock socks.

what time?

(too lazy to look)

9pm :tup:



o snape

just a little adam west montage…

Not on tonight, probably next week. Nothing but re-runs tonight because of the Oscars.

Family Guy, from the guide…

When Peter’s boss (Carrie Fisher) tells him he needs to pick up the pace, Lois goes to the brewery to help him. (CC) (Stereo)

Episode: 87 Original Air Date 11-12-06

Dish Network guide info > *


yep yep…

new episode is march 4th


rerun ftl.


2 episodes on tonight 9 and 9:30

last time i trust the family guy wiki page episode guide… those bastards

:lol: at trusting Wikipedia for anything.