New from ROC


hey punk, i’ll be down to the shop sometime this week to get a shirt :slight_smile:

46" Magnavox Big Screen TV w/Remote - $100

Sup man, nice ride. How many lbs of boost you runnin? Care to share any more details on the car? Moved pretty good against the evo. :wink:


He’s running liek 48 psi on a GT35R


:lol: :word:


welcome :wave:


welcome :wave: your car looks awesome!


:wave: Interesting wheel selection… Welcome.

My "cahr killah", DSR class racer

Welcome :wave:


It was at about 1000psi during the race…:headbang:

Post a PIC of your latest purchase.

ls1 FTW

nice ride dood

Dear Hector,

nice :tup:




hey stranger
nice pic, I always wonderd if you have stock tailights.
need more nightshades on the corners:)


Blackuus6 , that’s a lot of boost !!! (obviously I am joking) lol , n2o rules !!! I want to see a rematch now that emery is runnin faster and you are also runnin faster after what we just figured out today .

Looking for a shop in kitchener

Yea thats fine, but theres some other people on my “list” now to. I like emery, one of the only people that has some respect for someone elses car that might be fast. Some people think my car “shouldnt be able to hang” with theirs…:rolljerk:


welcome to the forum. I’m sure i’ll hate on your dumb f-bod at some point, so don’t take it personally.


Nice looking T/A

Plug and Play HID's

:tup: nice to see ya here, gotta come up to mighty here sometime :gotme:

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Big fluffy flakes of snow
Big fluffy flakes of snow

Yea ill be there sometime this summer hopefully…



:tup: nice car