New guy here.

Hey all, wassup.

I have been a member at UBRF since dec. 01, and racked up about 3 posts since then. I liked to just sit back and wathc the drama at work. It just hasnt been the same since RITWalter left/got banned whatever happened. He told me about this place, and assured me it would be cooler.

Anyways, I went to school at RIT for 5 years, and just got a job downtown B’lo in November. Since I live about 2 miles from work, I rarely drive my car anymore. It just sits reglected in a parking lot for days at a time. I have seen a couple nice cars in the area, but they are typically driven by rich old guys. I have heard stories about some decent rides, but have yet to run across any.

Just wanted to give a quick introduction, say hello, and look forward to possibly seeing some of you guys around town.

walter you got banned too?

fuck ubrf

welcome :slight_smile:



what you got sitting in the parking lot?

For the time being, a GTP. But I am thinking that is going to need to change in the near future.



Almost more posts than you had on the barf :lol:

And yea, I got teh banola bar a while ago, I missed all the drama that sprouted NYS because I was banned.

He forgot to mention he was my roommate for 4 years :mamoru:

hehe are you downgrading to a buss pass… or upgrading into a new BMX for that long 2 mile commute :wink:

welcome :wave:


a friend of walter’s is an enemy of mine

kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

Where downtown do you work

I’m going to punch you in the ovary when I see you

I was with holding that information for my own personal safety.

Its actually not quite 2 miles. It only takes me 5-7 min longer to walk than drive. And I already have a really sweet bike, with shocks! I take it off sweet jumps all the time.

And I work in the Main Place Tower, with a nice view of the south side.