New guy

Let me start off by saying nice site, I hope im welcome. My name is Jay, I have a 1998 GTP and a 1992 Saturn SL2 as my beater. Carl (Vq30de) pointed me over here. Here are the mods done to the gtp. IM hopeing to runs 12’s this year, not crazy fast but quick enough for me.

Air Intake
ZZP Stage 1 TB w/ spacer
ZZP/Comp Cams VS Cam 206/216 at .050"
-Intake Lift .320" (.512" lift at 1.6:1 rocker ratio)
-Exhaust Lift .317" (.507" lift at 1.6:1 rocker ratio)
-115 LSA
ZZP Water-to-Air Intercooler
-2.25" Core
-Jegs Racing Front Mount
-Flojet 5gpm water pump
Custom Machined Lower Intake opened up for IC
Valve Cover Breather
ZZP Gen 2 MOD Supercharger Pulley System w/ 3.2" and 3.0 pulley
Tranny Cooler
160 Degree Drilled T-Stat
Comp Cams 105# Valve Springs: waiting to install
Modified Valve Seals: waiting to install
Custom Tuned PCM w/ timming tables
ZZP Happy Knob Timming adjuster
Boost/Tranny Temp/AF light show Gauges/Autometer
Eibach/KYB Combo
American Eagle 17"x8" 077’s
Yokahama AVS ES100 245/45/17

Ahh so THATs who you are…

the same jay that knows jack that i play hockey with on weds?

Well I know Jack, but you guys might be thinking of the other Jason (Silver 2000 GTP). Jay I lent you my AAA card, Sleepy, I have never met you.
I was GTP’98 on barf.

Ahh, no i was just wondering like… who you heard from and stuff… yeah

ahhhhh this is Jay from elma then, yea i remember that thanks again for helpin me out!