New With My GTP

Hey guys Im new here.I live in Clarence, NY right now, and this is my 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP.

My friend found this car for me, the guy had blown the old motor up, and my friend was taking the s/c and a bunch of other parts. The car is in awesome shape, and it has a brand new tranny with a little over 1,000 miles on it. The guy gave me the car for $500 and I have since put a new engine in it and started modding.

So far:

Eibach Springs
KYB Struts
Thrasher CAI
Borla Catback Exhaust
180* Thermostat
NGK TR6 Plugs
8000K HID Kit

Tuned using my DHP Powrtuner.

Mods coming soon:

Pacesetter Headers
Gen V Blower
3.4 Pulley

and a couple other goodies over the winter :slight_smile:

Im not new to modding these w-bodies.Some of you might have seen me at Lancaster, the 1/8th, with the maroon 1999 Monte Carlo Z34. Best run in that was 13.6 @ 101at NYIRP, and at Lancaster the best run I cud muster with as shitty as that track is was a 8.95.

Mods on that were

Short Stack Intercooler
Ported Gen 3 Blower
3.4 Pulley
Ported LIM
3 inch downpipe
Custom 2.5" catback

and just a bunch of other goodies

Since I’ve bought the GTP though, Ive demodded and sold her. But for old times sake and for those interested:

And the GTP

Welcome and very nice ride :slight_smile:


is it black… ? or does it have a hint of green in it?

Its a dark green. Sorry for the bad cell pics

Its ok so is mine (not a GTP though)… half of the pictures look black… :tup:

Ya i still havent gotten some decent pics of the car when its all cleaned up.

Ill try doing that tomorrow

you must know big ED WAYYYOOOOO

Nice HID glare.

Im confused

IK, shitty camera

welcome :wave:


Do a burnout?


Right now…DO A BURNOUT!

They’re just fuckin with ya bud

BigEd is another member on the board who also has a GTP, IIRC much like yours.

Nice car. :tup: to modding a GM

edit: and read the sig rules before you get your sig privaleges pulled, that sig pic is way too big :eek:

Alright, thanks for the heads up man


…I hope

Im going to the track tomorrow, Ill do a burnout then just for fun :wink:

I forgot to mention, it is a ZZP Fully Built tranny, so its got a lot of runs left in her :slight_smile:


gen V is over rated for the money, just turbo the bitch.

thats what I should have done