New Hemi-Cuda?

i like

ooOOOoOOoo…looks mean…

me like :tup:

Looks mean, better be able to back it up.

shit, that would be hot

looks alot nicer than the charger. me likey

someone show me the pics please…

WebSense at its best…:tdownL:

here ya go buddy

looks pretty

They’d have to revive Plymouth first…

it’ll look awesome as long as it stays 2 door, unlike the new charger :bloated:

why revive plymouth ? the prowler name switched brands when plymouth was killed … the mini cooper is built by bmw

i say build the cuda and just leave the dodge badges off

Hell Build the superbird and make the evo/sti drivers jealous with that freakin wing!

i like it, but just like they fucked up the charger they will fuck this one up too. the original concept pics of the charger looked amazing

except that wing has function on the superbird.

it looks great there, but by the time it comes out, i am sure it will look retarded.

There is actually a pretty big difference without it. I think the actual number was 50 lbs of down force @ 90 mph plus its supposed to add lateral stability. I have never pushed mine enough for it to come into play, but they put it on the rally cars, it there was no use for it they would leave it off for weight reduction.

Oh and its a good cop magnet.


Thanks Rob.

Damn thats hott, I would be excited if it was a real car though

Futtbucking ugly

and never sold very well