Whats up everyone, just joined a couple days ago. I picked up a 1989 Nissan 240SX coupe last week, clean body, bone stock, half the motor missing and some interior parts missing. Will be starting up on this project towards later in the year because I am in the process of finishing up my current project. Will post pics, and is there a thread in here showing SR20 tips/technical? Read up as much as I could, but basically planning a swap, suspension and some nice wheel setup.

Look forward to hearing from some Vets!

Go back to JDMR :slight_smile:

lol wow…

had to come here since i picked this 240 up! so much hate!! lol.

he’s just kiddin. haha, sr20 is a great choice man. son240 comes in handy too. Welcome

Hence the “j/k”…

lol yeahhh got the JK…

who is going to sell me an sr20?!

Welcome to the dark side lol


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no love on this forum yet!

ill sell you my set up for 5 grand

^^^just looking for an sr20 motor at the moment not a whole setup, but thanks!

this forum is full of trolls :smiley: welcome.


welcome and congrats!


Hello everyone… This is Maid Marion from New Mexico… New member to this forum… I bought Nissan 240SX…