New here

Hi everyone, I was invited by Dan (Nytmair) to the site. I usually am hanging out over at which caught my attention when UBRF annoyed me, but i guess this is an anti-ubrf or something to that effect. anyways, hope to get some good posting in here.


Welcome to the site, man…

anti-ubrf…? i think it’s more like an upgrade… <-- somebody said this before, lol…

anyway, multiple alternative --> nice =)


We’re just another car forum man. There is no bad blood between UBRF or any other site for that matter.


word, welcome

ubrf is a huge forum with a lot of good members

and this site is nothing but another collection of good members :mamoru:

Hey Dan…welcome!..:slight_smile:

Bobert was one of my nicknames in high school haha…akvile…rhymes with bob villa…bob…bobert…yeah

hola come mierda