Used to be on the board a while back, but a bunch of nonsense went on and I left for a while, but Im back for a fresh start, and dont intend on having petty issues with anyone. The names Josh, recently moved to Greensburg, lookin for some new friends that are into the car scene out this way to meet up and chill, take pics in the summer and just cruise. I drive a 2007 Fiji Blue Pearl Honda Civic SI Sedan with a few mods :slight_smile: I autocrossed this past summer at north park and beaver run and plan on doing some suspension mods over the winter and hopefully Flashpro and tune come spring. Heres a few pics, comments welcome, and hope everyone had a great Christmas and a plan a safe new years!
Thanks for looking!

Welcome from Greensburg



Welcome back…

J… nevermind.

Welcome back

Nice, where ya from? What do ya drive? Maybe Ive seen ya around.

If you can admit the fact you was childish before. then it’s water under the bridge.

Welcome!!! I use to live in greensburg…

Welcome back!


welcome back

I live off of 136 near the Shop N Save.

I have an old pickup & an older Pontiac…

welcome back

I have no recollection of this kid, but he sounds like a tool.

Sorry, Darkstar already posted so you are screwed.

Civic looks clean. Love the action shot at North Park. Welcome.

Its water under the bridge my man. No probs

Oh and hey, Im ordering my yellow fog lights here real soon! haha, dont hate!

hey man, lemme know when you wanna cruise.

oh and if you have any parts lying around for my r18, im always looking to buy haha.

My buddy has an 09 coup. Its an R18, we put a megan racing dp, inken CAI, and TBS on it…And he had a custom 2.5" cat back put on…It runs/sounds pretty sweet! We will have to meet up.