New member-some pics of my ride

Hey whats up found this site on, i live in goshen,NY go to college at university of delaware, here’s some pics of my ride

hey there…Welcome to NYSpeed.

I like your ride…Nice and clean…:tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:

nice car and welcome to the forum

werd, welcome to the site :wave:

university at delaware is such a great campus, ive spent a couple weekends there before :wink:

anyways nice whip, does that thing have a v8 or v6


hmm pretty sure that was a joke, but if not i’m gonna pretend it was anyway :slight_smile:

does it have a hemi

Ah welcome! If you’ve going to be in the area, let us know :tup:

Why do I like white cars?

jebus! another FD running around… this is getting out of hand! approaching civic hatch scale.

welcome anyhow. enjoy.

i <3 fd’s. Nice car and welcome.

Nice whip… I’ve got a place in my heart for 7’s… some day I’ll buy one… but It’s on a logn list of cars I wanna own.

Reminds me of my sperm

I love FDs

nice ride and welcome


welcome, nice ride.

werd, its not montego blue! :stuck_out_tongue: you ever around on sunday’s? you should meet up with us, theres a few fd’s on this board

nice ride. welcome

I wanna hump your car…welcome

:wave: No money shot? LOL The more FDs on NYSpeed, the better. :wink: Welcome.


nice car :tup:
ive always loved those generation rx-7s