New name same retard

Whats up guys, just saw this site on buffalo scooby and I am really bored at work today so I joined up. I actually have lots of work to do but damn if I am going to do it! Hope it goes well, the UBRF it getting out of hand with there nazi like banning techniques, however I have never had a problem because I am usually pretty quiet.

Any hooo this is Spencer BTW, Im sure you could of easily guessed that

welcome spencer :smiley:

Welcome, glad you signed up!!

Poopra’s with only 1 turbo are not welcome here.

Sounds like someone might be jealous/scared :lol:

Welcome Spencer

Jack dont make me poop on you!

VR4’s with Cobra rims are not welcome here… :lol:

I am here for you to poop on.

Wrong, the answer is Who the fuck cares…


You’re my infectious member of NYSpeed so I can’t be too mean to you if you are gonna spread our disease around…

:lol: wasap

yea who does single turbo conversions anyways, i mean seriously :gay:

haha welcome spencer

Hellow thar

welcome fart breath

hey Spence!!


sup dawg

i think we should ban all the single turbo guys on here, they just start trouble with us slow domestics :tdown:

lol :smiley: sup spence, good to see you on board. whats up with the kaa? whens it gonna e out roastin cobraz

I have a single turbo, what’s the big deal? stop trying to be like me !!! :frowning:

Im putting cams in, and crower springs & retainers, well I put them in. Just discovered that one of my valve covers was cracked when I was doing the job so I am waiting for new ones now. Other than that I have to fix a couple small things and get my CDI ignition box back from mike before I do any real pulls and get tuned. Car is running, well was running till I decided to throw in cams…

One of your valve covers? I thought you only had one.