new pimp in town

I think most of u know me already so lets continue the drama!
Twizted also referred me, said this board was way better than UBRF so i had to check it out

welcome, which one is yours? I’m assuming the orange one?

We pride ourselves on the job we have done creating this forum for Buffalo and Western NY specifically. Thanks to Twizted for the compliment. Welcome!!

YEaaaah buddy


wassap :tup:

wassup yo!

woot woot i got 4 people to join already. im not stoping there either. thanks 4 joining man enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

what up slowroc

i need to come see the orange machine so we can go hunt some more horses down on the way to NYI



sammit… slowroc was allready taken…

I’m gonna call you orocyoursoxoff

This is one of those times that you shant speak, Jack… :gtfo:


what uppp…about damn time u showd ur face around here

dude you totally cut the ass off my car!..

mike was wondering when you were going to join…

whats going on welcome

ya i totally forgot about it. too much car talk in all those emails and i forget :stuck_out_tongue:

good to see you on here brah, ohh snapzZ Team OutLawz is now complete, better watch out cause were from the streetZZZZ :lol: :smiley:

what up

Whats up

Glad you can finally joined up