new snky fc *pic*
and no its not the one with the v8 in it

more info on said fc please

Nice smoke show!

I think his headgasket is going, that’s blowing a lot of smoke lol

i keeed i keeed

nice :tup:

when i was younger i used to like s13s more than the turbo][, but not lately… i’m curious to see whats up with that beast :tspry:

sum1 with a certain fd better watch out

so is this a call out then :stuck_out_tongue:


woot woot…meh ive seen a conquest do a better one then that :wink:

i agree with twisted on this one, i was there, i saw it

HAHAHAHA james james james…

any more pics?

i think its the new style of hottness wink wink nice burn out…do i smell bleach

nope,no bleach

I love smoke shows. But the question of the day is can that FC put the power to the ground when it needs to?

wheres that parking lot, looks like a nice place to do some drifto action

rotaries dont do burnouts… they burn oil

gotta be a v8

If its the one I am thinking of, That lot is in West seneca on commerce drive or something like that…