NEW VENDER: EZ Tire and auto, Towing, repair sales

So it’s official. Many Know me and know that I have been transporting cars both for dealers and privately. I talked to my boss and decided to offer more here to you. WE ARE NOT = competing with Blackforest or Swiderski, we don’t specialize in EURO. If you have a BMW/AUDI/BENZ you’re probably better off taking it to them. yes I personally have history with those cars, but I’m doing very little with a wrench. I now manage the towing end of EZtire. where we have 2 Flatbeds for towing.

Things we offer that other vendors don’t:

 Over 5000 used tires in stock in an indoor warehouse (none of that dry-rotted fox tire junk) and a wide variety of new tires (we are a Goodyear and Kelly dealer working to become a Kenda dealer as well). 

Car/truck towing both flatbeds are medium duty and have towed small buses so yes we can tow your Furd 150000000. We also have custom ramps to tow your siqqq stanced car when your air ride fails in the slammed position.  (we made them to load the bosses '15 Zo6 with z07 body kit) 

 Used cars. Mostly from 4K-15K range Ill post if we get something that someone here might want. We recently sold some fun cars like 06 Zo6, a 09 335i, 06 650I... we also offer financing no matter how bad your credit (or if your kid is looking to build credit) and have a GREAT extended service contact company AUL the only company i recommend to anyone. They will actually cover more then most CPO warrentys. We can also find and transport a car for you if need be.  If you do have any interest in a vehicle you can contact my wife, Brittany through our inventory site (

As for the repair we have many vendors here who do a great job. What we offer is 6 full time techs for fast turn around Many here know Eric Zellner (hence the EZ)  he is honest and hard working. This company and all the companies he owns he works VERY hard to keep a very good reputation.

Towing/Transporting: Me. My cell is 7166220625 or PM me.
Repairs/Tires: or call the shop 7166920682
Used Cars: My wife, Brittany through or her cell 7168669702.

Are you with AAA at all for the towing?

I always prefer someone I know to tow my vehicles, but I also already pay for AAA.

sent an e-mail to the conactus address for tire inquiry

At the moment are AAA application is in, but if you purchase a battery from any shop that installes the Autozone commercial battery it includes a 3 year road side assistance for free, we do tow for them.

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