newbie here

Hey , I am new in here. I live in Toronto.
My car is 08 Nissan Versa HB 1.6 SL magnetic Grey
nice to be here :R


Thank you , actually can we have Nissan Versa under the nissan spec.
As a lot of Versa are here in GTA, or even north america

You are right , I am ESL. forgive my bad english.
Actually, it is just a kind of suggestion.
(I don’t know how many Versa here, right?)
In Toronto (as your site name) Versa is becoming popular.
Anyway , if I am wrong , then forget it.
I am so glad to see a Canadian Nissan forum here, as we talking the same model and same options here . nice to be here !!

nice to see you here , DLPyro.
Which car are you driving now ?
I should ask more Versa driver to be here :wink:

Welcome buddy. The Versa is a popular car, the amount of owners who join TNC isn’t that big though.