Next J&S Dyno Day?

Just saw a few posts from some people in the old thread about another dyno day. I was going to have one more before winter, when were you guys thinking? I know the one last year before winter was a great turn out, so hopefully we can make it another big day. I was thinking maybe end of october , or early november, what works for you guys?

late oct probably work the best, you never know if were going to get hit with early snow this year

Not Halloween weekend.

Next FLD Oct. 30

Bad day also.

middle of oct



second tuesday of the 14th month of last year

I’m thinking I’m going to have one on the 23rd.

Well were actually having quite a few people come down on Saturday. It’s kind of an un-official dyno day. I just had 2 groups of people contact me about bringing a good sized group of cars down, so if anyone else would like to stop down I’ll be there all day.


I’m in

ya… no. my turd is finally out of the garage and ready for inspection

it still has prono red

fuck yer white couch nigga

my couch is tan…

not my fault cocoa butter dulled it

I at least made 300 lol cant argue beings that my charge piping has holes in it :slight_smile:

Bump. Anyone know if there will be one coming up in the spring now that they’ve merged with TPG?