Nice AWD Launch

This is NOT street racing. This is the best awd turbo launch I have seen.

yeah thats how ya do it!

i hear rev limiter!

hahah that was sweet :tspry:

Not to shabby.

Looks like a Curt Brown launch… :headbang:

Looks like one of my launches

…and Poopra behind the wheel of the other car. :lol:


Seems like the guy in the background loved the launch too. he was going nuts!

nothing feels better than a really soild awd launch. 50% of mine are average 1.75-1.85), 25% suck (1.85-2.00), and about 25% of them are rediculous (1.75- and lower). when i happen to connect with a really solid launch, it even surprises the shit out of me, and i can feel my whole body sucked into the seat. usually gets the adrenaline and heart pumping quite a bit.

god i love driving :smiley:

Lol, The best I’ve cut is 1.88 and even that felt soooo nuts. Only been to the track once though.

oOH nice :tup:

was a nice launch…anyone else watch any other of the videos

pimp launch

very nice launch

mmmmmmm awd

you should see the SoFL DSM cult launch thier shit, its insane.

well, link us then!