would you change your shorts after this launch?


its the fastest TBSS at 9.03@152

403 twin MP 76mms


thats unreal, I can’t say I’ve ever seen an SUV do that before, at least on purpose

that was at 12psi launch and on that run still managed a 10.2

O forgot JJ did something like that a few months ago @PRP

whats the 60?

i believe 1.42-1.43 on average

MH drag radials, 4link, th400, 4k stall 342s

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these two clips are of the same launch from different angles

definitely would soil the drawers. insane launch

holy shit

haha 1.42 on the rear tires is pretty intense. When I went 1.41 once I thougth I was gonna black out…its a rush… i cant imagine catching sky like that

Holy shit!

god damn

Holy Fucking Fuck

That was insane. Wow.