Nissan Leaf ($25k, 100m Range, 100% Electric) VS. Chevy Volt?


Hybrids just seem overly complicated for the MPG they get. An electric car has got to be much simpler… I would think. I mean it is a glorified golf cart. lol


from autoblog

Buyers will need to pay an additional $2,200 for the necessary charging station and installation. Uncle Sam will throw another $2,000 tax credit your way for that equipment, though.


Speaking of Uncle Sam, “Cap and Trade” will kill the electric car market… again.


Not going to happen. Battery tech is more cutting edge than computers. By the time you get rid of the car, even if it’s just 3-4 years, that charger will be a dinosaur.


So who is going to make the first tune to increase wattage? I just have an image of instead of a nitrous tank in the back, an extra big ass D-style battery with NOS stickers on it.


so how would a partial charge effect the overall life of this battery?


depends what kind of battery it is…i’m not really familiar with battery tech though


lol, but seriously on all these electric vehicles torque is limited from the start. Since electric motors provide instant torque, if it wasn’t limited everyone would be doing some serious heaters. :mpd:

I’m sure there will be programs written to more aggressively apply the initial torque for some serious launches as have been done in electric dragsters.

Not at all. Just like how it doesn’t effect modern lithium ion cell phone batteries :slight_smile:


lol so… i travel 120km to work… does that mean this thing will stop half way there LOL


The Leaf goes 161km so if you travel 120km one way, then you’d get there and partway home :slight_smile:


Obviously the Leaf isn’t for you :wink:


How long does it take to charge lol


where is the none of the above option?


What is the Leaf’s range with full heat, window defrosters going, and headlights on?


20 miles probably.


how much do you think the batteries and electric motors way? in comparison to using an extra small alluminum block motor it isnt much. and you understood me wrong; I was saying that a hybrid or full electric car is very inefficiant in both fuel economy and ecological foot print. Using the technology already developed for internal combustion engines is a much better idea. the technology development is still not there for a hybrid/full electric car.


The Wiki page for the Leaf has been updated and it along with several other sites are reporting that with a quick charger you can get an 80% charge in only 30 minutes.

Nah it would be a huge marketing mistake to promote a car getting 100 miles per charge without considering accessory draw. But Wiki also says they used a city model to determine the range when highway stress might be more demanding.


You could always buy one of those cute, tiny, Honda generators and carry it with you. LOL You know, strap it to the roof and fire it up.


my commute is 30 miles one way… id like the option to go on some appts too… therefor… the gas motor is needed… :slight_smile:


Would make for some good excuses for calling into work “cant make it into work, car’s dead” or “my damm kid used up the juice”

For the average person I’m not sure if a electric car is a smart decision as an only car.