This is one of the best projects i ever seen… thought it would be nice to share with you guys…enjoy:

omg that car is such a lovely beast!
so freaking clean.

i have to admit that things is sexy

that guy paid attention to every inch of the car, amazing. he’s also using Bing’s stuff lol

my fav car of all time


i want one.

^ we all want one lol:A

Personally i’ve never been a fan of dropping an RB into a 240. Although i would be even more against it if it was an s13. But thats just my own opinion, as i do find the project to be stunning. And i’m really feeling that strawberry frontend.

That interior is really sexy, i love the luxurious none ricedout colour of the leather and panels and the center console looks hella sexy despite not being particularily eyecatching.

now thats a car

i think it’s because its such a change from the 120 gauges, 2 brides/recaros/sparco’s. and other JDM racer acessories.

the interior is a daily drivers heaven. :R :R

stop posting s15 frontends, it makes me wanna start peicing parts again :frowning:


rice :wink:

check out the cardomain page
lots of great pics.

Luis i’m sure that you’ll accomplish your s15 frontend dream in the near future …:wink: