No Frills Niagra Falls Canada 9.4.05

Ive never been here before but i know some of you have. i hear the meets are pretty big up there and i wanted to check it out. 1 thing i have gotten word of is that it gets real big on 3day weekend nights like memorial day,4th,ect so i figure labor day would be the last good holiday weekend to go up there. also people are out of school now and other people cars have just gotten done. its great cause alot of ppl dont have to work on that Mon.

So meet at Mighty at 7 ot 8ish?

Lemme know you input :slight_smile:

No Frills Retail

got about 10ppl now going with and i talked to a guy that said hes going to get the kustom workz group to go and i also just got off the phone with mark @ SCAP he said he will prolley go with his group also


yea i’ve been up there before, usually a full lot…just make sure u get there at a decent time their meets don’t last as long as ours do

whats a good time? like leave mighty @ 7ish? and what time do those meets usually go to. also is there a time you get booted outta there?

Well this meet usually ends by 10pm, but is packed before then. 10 cars won’t be able to park together unless its in the back.

^^ Click for pics from previous meets there. :tup:

i’d leave might at 7-7:30ish… from what i remember they usually die down around 10:30. as far as getting booted out, i have no idea, we usually find some “other activities” that time of nite lol

i’ll prob be down if enough people go

nice so 7 @ mighty it is…

I’m down for this meet :tup:


7 or 8???

7 @ Mighty

I start school mon (29th) and im the Maize Bitch again this year lol.

i’m out…i have a stag to go to

BuMp for 1 week away

I’m a whore…I’m down for it

prolly…i’ll be at the dyno day and looking for somthin to do afterwards

BumP for this sun night

stag>no frills :slight_smile: