No UBRFer here

Hey whats up. Those of you that are on wnyDSM know me, but none of you other car lovers do. Unless I’ve met you at Hybrid. Never found a reason to go onto UBRF. All I ever heard about was the drama. Thats not for me. So I just avoided the site all together.

Anyways, I’m Bobby Umhauer. I’ve owned a wide variety of cars. Current cars of choice are my '97 Eagle Talon TSi AWD and my '05 Scion Tc Version 1.0 Release Series which is basically my daily driver.

Looks like a nice site! Keep up the great work guys and girls!


yo yo yo Bob

hot dsm yo

post pics of the scion !

What up, Bob!!? Welcome

welcome to the board

welcome bob

hey bobby

welcome :wave:

sup and welcome

welcome man!

:wave: welcome Bob



welcome :slight_smile:

Pics of the Scion will have to wait a couple weeks. I’m on dial-up. Thanks for the warm welcome everybody!



hey Bob

yo :wave: