Sooo... is this UBARF

Whats up ya’ll… I’ve seem to have tripped and bumped my head, where am I? It looks familiar.

Anyhow, I’m Jordan and I drive a 92 Eagle Talon TSi AWD, mildely modded :wink:
Kudos and congratualtions on the new site and to all those who are responsible. It’s a nice alternative, just what I need, more forums to frequent while at work.


and what is this ubarf you speak of :gotme:

hellow hello =) welcome to the site =)


Welcome aboard Jordan!


welcome n00bie

welcome fellow dsmer :smiley:

DSM’s are yummy

Your shit is slow, Jordan…

yes, yes it is…

hi, Jordan. welcome to a better land.

howdy jordan

cammed 4 lyfe

hey hey

what upppppppppppp :wave: welcome aboard

Hey Jordan. We should get a couple of runs at NYI soon if it is physically possible to have two mildly modded 4g63s actually running at the same time.

hey jordan wave :slight_smile:

whats going on jordan


dsms = slow + :gay:


thanks for the warm welcome…

Sam, you should take your other evo to the track tonight… I should be leaving around 5:30ish