Nothings cool anymore.

3xx hp civics neons cava-balts sentras. They’re a dime a dozen. All those cool little sleepers are fast from the factory nowadays. I’m having a hard time finding anything to get excited about anymore.

I mean sure, drag setups are neat but you can’t really live with them on the street. Anyone who has pushed their street car too far can tell you that the novelty of blowing people’s doors off gets old after a couple summers of no ac and bad potholes/stiff suspension. So where is this whole scene going to go?

I heard someone say that everyone is going to be driving around in lifted pickups this year. It’s the next big thing. I think that’s about as likely as the Olsen twins calling me up to ask for advice on a real estate investment.

I can tell you what I’d do if I had a shitload of money, and you’re not going to like it. Especially if you know me. I’d either buy a new Mustang or 300C. I know, they’re big and heavy and the damn Mustang still doesn’t even have IRS. I can’t help it I think they look hot. Too damn expensive but… And the 300, I’d buy the 3.5 and slap a turbo or two on there. A couple K03s should be sized about right. Good gas mileage till you drop the hammer. I would think that it should outperform the hemi in every column. But alas, I have no roll.

So lets think reality. Pre 96- for price and inspection reasons. All the old chassis new engine swaps are awesome. Lately I’m all in love with the idea of a Beetle with a WRX motor. I’m trying to figure out how to not have a radiator show but still work. Intercooler too for that matter. And would you do it baja style or wheelstanding street car? Would it still be a beetle if you put AC in it? What about a Westie? Think you could get the front end up? You know how I feel about turbo minivans.

So all these are probably nothing more than drunken, “so I was thinking” acedemic excercises. What do I really think is cool? What do I really want to build? A hybrid. No I haven’t gone greenie. It’s just something that to my knowledge hasn’t been done alot before. I think I’ve got a pretty cool idea for one. I need to learn more about motors and controllers though. The problem is I don’t have enough money to figure all this shit out. So if any of you know some rich bastards who have a green agenda, tell them to put up a prize and hold a race. Like the Anzari X prize for hybrids and fuel cells. If there were a big deal race with media coverage for homebuilders (not like tour de sol college teams) I might be able to convince someone to donate me 20 or 30 12v batteries and a couple big honkin motors.

I fear that the problem is that I am the one that is not cool. But I think I could be okay with that if I were rich.

But I swear to god, 3 color civics bouncing on cut suspensions with a bad muffer and a bucket o’ bondo are not fucking cool. Tell your friends.



If these cars all come a dime a dozen, don’t you think that’s your personal cue to get creative, and work on an entirely new project?

But then again, it’d be pretty damn hard to make a new project that something similar hasn’t already been done…

But just go back to the drawing board, find something that interests you, and do it.



You just made yourself a deathwish, the cut springs thugs are coming for you :bloated:

I’d say try and do something like the pittsburgh auto students did, 300 whp on biodiesel :tup:

long term project and since its basically a kit car it wouldnt be toooo expensive

he speeks the truth…

greasel??? you can fill up for free weekly at my work if you like…

me, hotrodkid and intense98rt are building a go-kart with a 400-500cc(dont know the actual size) sno-mobile motor…good times :tup:

wtf does that have to do w. anything ? lol

build a swapped vw bug, and just stuff the radiator in the front section at a 45* angle, use a scoop under the front bumper to feed it air and then exhaust that air back out the bottom

intercooler goes in the wing u put on the decklid, in the top surface of the wing, out thru a vent underneith

See the problem is all the really cool shit that is unique just plain costs too much money.

and since it costs so much its usually just a bunch of old dudes

i agree with denton 100%.

my 240 is even played out.

i’m gonna wait for the next movie to jump on that bandwangon :cough:fastandthefurious:cough:

I never thought of being original as going to PepBoys to buy random sh*t and throw it on your car.