nsx successor

< NSX successor >
We are now focused on the development of a new model to succeed the NSX for a new era. We would like to debut a new super sports car equipped with a V10 engine in 3 to 4 years. Please look forward to seeing the NSX successor.


joe sent me this link.
hot hot hot

3-4 yrs?I can’t click on the link here at work, but are they continuing the production of the NSX until then?

that car will be redicious

im starting to save now




looks like it’ll be a fun toy

bahh… 3-4 years? thats like when GM said they would deliver a viper killer in 3-4 years, and guess what, in 3-4 years the viper will have already gone through improvements…

thats a domestic vs import tho…

when have you seen a low quality import espically a honda/acura roll out?

I don’t doubt the quality, I am just saying having a press release to announce that you may release a v-10 car 3-4 years from now is nothing to get hard over…

and Nissan will finally bring something with teh GT-R badge to teh US

i like the idea of the Honda jet, when the afterburners kick in its gonna be like vtech y0