The End of an Era... NSX production halted

TORRANCE, Calif. 07/11/2005 – To further enhance the division’s performance image, Acura is developing a new sports car to succeed the award-winning NSX supercar. Acura also announced that production of the current generation NSX will cease at the end of the year due to the extensive retooling necessary to meet stringent 2006 emissions and equipment regulations for the U.S., Europe and Asia.

"We are committed to having an ultra high-performance vehicle in the Acura lineup in the future," said John Mendel, senior vice president, automobile operations. "It's too early to comment on specifics, but the all-new model will be just as groundbreaking as the 1991 NSX." As the first-ever supercar from Japan, the NSX was created as a hand-built, exotic, mid-engine sports car that would establish entirely new levels of performance, refinement and drivability. The NSX went on sale in the summer of 1990 and the following year posted record U.S. sales of 1,940 vehicles. Through June of 2005, NSX cumulative sales totaled 8,854 in the U.S. and more than 18,000 worldwide.

During its 15-year run, the NSX has been showered with accolades including, Automobile Magazine’s “Automobile of the Year and Design of the Year” awards, Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New,” Road &Track’s “Ten Best Cars in the World” list. Motor Trend magazine also named the NSX to its “Top Ten Performance Cars” list and touted it as “the best sports car ever built.”

Acura designed the NSX as a technological and performance showcase. Among other innovations, it was the first production car to feature an all-aluminum body, chassis, and suspension and to utilize titanium connecting rods. It featured a transversely mounted dual overhead cam V-6 engine equipped with Acura’s breakthrough VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) system and a variable volume induction system.

Over time, the NSX received continuous updates to ensure its competitiveness and popularity with serious sports car enthusiasts. The NSX has also captured multiple championships in the highest levels of sports car and prototype racing.

So what comes next? I wonder if the HSC concept will become the new NSX, or will Honda drop it’s V6 Hybrid motor for something beefier?

This is very sad to hear. I don’t want to see a replacement NSX. I love this car.

acura is developing a new car?
i assume its being developed in the US then… acura doesnt exist in japan.
it would be nice to see them use that mugen v8 in something other than their racecars

i cant wait to see what pops up. keep in mind, they are going to have to top the nsx in order to get a good response from customers.

yeah I can see a new v8 coming

Please for the love of God the next one better make like 500 HP, or if it still makes 300 ish let it be like 1500 lbs…

cant wait to see what they make to take its place/

come on push rods!!

uh yea

Honda v8 will pwn

theres a silver NSX that comes to the boulevard delta a lot. SOOO HOT

thatll be a first, a torque less v8 :lol: jk


not to hate on the hottness of the NSX but i really was never too impressed, i mean…80 grand or so for 300hp at about 3000lbs or so? doesnt sound worth it at all to me…

as a note to its cost. there are more hand made/modified to fit parts on a nsx than a lambo. you paid for the build quality, and its near perfect handling.

edit: this is what i want to see in the replacement

Specs for the MF408S in the VEMAC RD408R

  • Layout: 90 degree V8 Naturally Aspirated
  • Displacement: 4000cc
  • Horsepower: 590hp / 9500rpm
  • torque: 383lb/ft / 7500rpm

maybe decrease the hp to like 400ish and lower the rev limiter to increase longevity.

thats a shame…its such an awsome car.

i just passed the silver one with the “vrooom” plates on it like an hour ago on maple…soOO hot.

hope something even better that tops the past one comes out relatively soon…

that vroom guy is everywhere. Every wed night he is at the car cruise

V8 from the ridgeline? Cause we all know you need 8 cylinders to make any real power!

But who knows if they are even going to replace it with anything. They have the RSX which is ‘sporty’

hickvoice uhh…whats an NXS? end hickvoice. im not into imports much and know nothing about acuras…although i do like the integra.

i shall miss you NXS…

i poured some of my 40 for ya.