NY planning to ban natural gas

This was mentioned in the electric car thread, but really deserves it’s own thread for how damaging this is going to be for NYers.

Just a couple weeks ago this was still in the budget. THANKFULLY IT WAS DROPPED, but they’re still pushing for it.


All new buildings to use zero-emissions sources of heat by 2027.

In 2024, for instance, regulators should stop letting utilities connect new customers to their gas distribution lines for free, according to the plan. In 2030, home and apartment owners should be banned from replacing their old fossil fuel equipment with anything but zero-emission versions. By 2035, the biggest types of buildings, of 50,000 square feet and up, should be forced to retire their fossil fuel equipment early.


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If I were to lose my job I’d move to Charlotte.

If I had to replace my hot water tank I’d move.


MF’ers i’m trying to get where you already at and ya’ll tryin’a split?


I mean there isn’t anything stopping you from say driving by pa, buying one and installing it yourself right? LoL

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That’s my plan B when this eventually passes. Go buy my hot water heaters and furnaces the same place I get my mags, for untraceable cash.


I think the politicians that support this type of BS should lead by example.

No flights less than 800 miles.
Electric cars only
No fossil fuel permitted in the governor’s mansion or offices.

Should be super easy right.

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Politicians and the elite can no longer fly private jets unless 0 emissions. Watch how quick that tech gets built.

By the way, the supply part of my electric bill went from 0.02515 per unit in Feb of 2021 to 0.04404 per unit in March of 2021 (I can’t compare last month since I used 0 with my solar so that line item isn’t on the bill).


The total bill itself didn’t jump by such a huge percentage since the actual electricity you use is only part of the bill (delivery, fees etc make up a lot and those haven’t gone up) but it’s pretty stunning the that cost for the actually watt of electricity went up 75% and no one is talking about it.



Also, check out that measly 216 kWh I used in March. Even in March the solar almost made enough to cover the month. April I was already making a surplus again earning credits for next winter.


is the cost /kwh on a sliding scale. So use more, pay less per kw I wonder?

EDIT: Here is my bill from this and last April. Looks like around 17% increase in total price per kwh

April 2021 (effective $0.121/kwh)


And April 2022 (effective $0.146/kwh)


Here’s the only recent big bill I had because I had little to no solar credits from last summer and generated very little, Feb 2022:

Still .04912 for 632 Kwh. :man_shrugging:

Mine is tough to get a good comparison with because I have so many months every year that I pay $18, the minimum to have service. I started looking closer at it because I’m going to be very close to having the solar pay for itself by the end of this year and I was curious how much my rates have gone up since it was installed, which greatly affects the ROI. When I started digging into the details of my bill I realized it was pretty complicated. Plus they have the ESRM line item where they charge you a surcharge when electricity is cheap so they can give you a rebate when it’s expensive to try and even out your bills.

  • ESRM : Electricity Supply Reconciliation Mechanism: In winter months colder than the average winter, the market prices of electricity rise due to high demand. The bills for residential customers can see great increase, since both the price of electricity, and the demand in electricity increase. The Public Service Commission of New York State has agreed to allow National Grid to spread out this bill increase. Therefore during a very cold month you will see this ESRM charge as a negative charge, in reality lending you money to avoid paying a high bill during an unusually cold month, and will reimburse this loan by surcharging you during the following months.