Obeying the laws of pittspeed

Name’s Chris. I work at Exotic Car Audio in pleasant hills. I drive a 1993 Ford Escort LX. Go ahead and flame on me. I picked an escort because it was cheap and i needed to get a car. I ended up liking it and modifing it. Ive been down the strip alot over the past summer. Most of you probably have seen me there. I was in my old car(primered escort). Most of you know who i am. Im friends with stroker and 98twincam. I really don’t care what people think of my car but im just curious so let me know, www.explizitcustomz.net click on members and my name(chris).
If you get to know me you will see that im a nice person and im willing to help anyone work on their cars(or for that matter anything i can help with). I don’t talk shit on anyone and i expect the same in return. You want to be an asshole to me for no reason, I have a nasty side and you don’t want to get me pissed off. I like to hang out with my friends after work and on the weekends and do whatever. Im not a ricer who puts a million stickers on their car and claims hp from them. I really don’t even think my cars all that quick. Other than that, ill be seeing some of you in the messageboards.

Welcome ricer love the photochoped wheels on the escort :kekegay:

you dont need stickers to be a ricer…

APC Blue steering wheel
White face euro style reverse glow gauges
Blue neons under seats
Blue L.E.D. lights in vents
Black crushed velvet headliner
Customized door panels
R1 Carbon Fiber muffler

Uncle Bens

I really don’t care what people think of my car

Thats the way you should be. I get a lot of shit for my car but what i figure is this if they dont like it dont look at it.

Welcome to the forum


i happen to like the exterior of your car lol, crushed and on 17’s, wheels just need to be 5 spoke and the car has to be painted STI Blue :bigthumb: welcome, i pass by exotic almost everyday, maybe i’ll honk tomorrow lol

and about the engine… says you got a 2.0 from a 97 escort… hows it run? i bet the power to weight ratio owns :boink

so what happens when an escort driver gets pissed off? do you become like the Hulk and start raging? come on man its the net and if you have to say you get like that then you issues…

Welcome. I remember you getting your old escort dyoned at the North Versailles show this past summer.



so what happens when an escort driver gets pissed off?

Well, when the Escort gets mad it goes hulk and turns into a Mustang.


Man, i thought most of you guys were going to be assholes. I guess i was wrong(with the exception of some) ;-). The funny thing is that i was going to paint the primered car i had sti blue. I had the paint and everything. Then i bought this one off of my buddy for 300 bucks because my transmission blew out. Guy at cottman transmissions said i blew the spider gear into a million pieces. Go figure!! The shell was better than my other one was and for the price of another tranny i bought the whole car and swapped my motor, exhaust, well…pretty much whole car over to the new one. As for you redline, i really don’t care what you have to say because you drive a HONDA. Im not a ricer. Thats cool shelby, stop in some time and say hi. Yeah julian, i remember that too. Question is do you remember me telling the guy who owned the dyno to get me off of it because it was garbage?? Come on man, how many dyno’s do you know of that say you lose 30% drivetrain loss, automatic or manual?? Max drivetrain loss in a FWD manual car is 12-15%. When i get my car dyno tuned this spring im expecting for high 14’s. Yes i said high 14’s from an escort!!! Believe it or not, you don’t need a honda or 8 cylinders or f/i to go fast.

LOL actually this isnt julian. This is rob but considering we’ve almost identical cars its cool. I’ve the avenger and julian has the sebring.

you talk to much.

And yes i do remember the guy telling you to get off the dyno .lol. :boink

Agreed. Him and TurboJetta would have a lengthy conversation.

I know plenty of 4 cyls doing 14’s and higher. Not trying to be mean… but you shouldnt post what you ‘think’ your car ‘should’ do.

We’re not allowed to in this forum. Just wait for your next thread or post…

Kinda off topic but you not trying to be mean translated into a stupid comment. I here people all the time on this site posting times of what they think there car should do. :burnout: