Octane and you.

I was thinking…

Normally I run 87 in my car, before I went to race, I’d have about 1/8th of a tank, and fill the rest with 93.

Would the half 87 and half 93 average out to 90??

Now if I had 1/8th of a tank of 87, and pumped 1/8th of a tank of 100 octane, would I essentially be running 93.5 ?

Or does something different come into play?

um yea, just take the average between the two octanes

Awesome answer! And even nicer edit.

sorry to sound like an ass but i just thought it was common knowledge. im just pms’ing

Damn… you too? :biglaugh:

male pms’ing is just as bad sometimes lol

Maybe it IS common knowledge…

But I’d rather ask a question and read stupid comments, than ASSUME something, and fuck my car up.

Now THAT is common sense.

If you dont have the compression or power adder need for that extra octane, it wont do any more good and could make you slower, just to keep that in mind. Higher octane = less combustible

umm… remember kids, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Thats a lie, especially on forums where there is a search option. Granted it hasn’t been discussed here but wueva.

In both of my SHOs I have to run at least 91 octane which blows. Some run fine on 87, some on 89… others straight 91, etc. I run 93/94 depending on if I go to Sunoco or not. Basically, they both run like shit with anything lower. If you plan on racing, you don’t want to gas up at all unless its the bare minimum. Less weight and mass that will move when the car does. And I mean it more like, liquid doesn’t just move with the car but bounces around in the gas tank and thats some mass thats moving with and against the car. At 8lbs a gallon, thats like 100lbs you could shave just by running a quarter tank or somethin’ :slight_smile:

Sunoco doesnt have 94 anymore.

Just wait until you calculate your mpg for each kind of driving, fill up a bit each day and figure out how far you want to drive that day so that you end up with the right amount of gas that night…you arent there yet :wink:

My light turned on just as I pulled into the track on friday. :tup: to predicting gas mileage just to try and shave a tenth.

its not so much a stupid question, as it is a lazy question.

when i get to work on monday i will post up a fuel calculator spreadsheet. it calcutates octain for all sorts of mixes and additives.

Badazz = the win

It is useless for you to use anything higher than 87


True, keep forgetting that. :confused: On the ride back from Wisconsin I filled up with 94 in Indiana at a Sunoco, around here it tops at 93. Good call sir. :tup:

Yea the additive that got it to 94 got the big no-no from NYS I guess. As long as it isnt a slippery slope to get us down to cali’s 91 max, I’m ok with it

I had about an 1/8th of a tank of 87 last time, and pumped about an 1/8th of 93, averaging out to about 90 octane.

I’ll try to same deal this time, with better launches, and see what happens.

I’d say with your car 89 would be the highest I’d go with, I bet 87 is just fine. try and find out how much cr ur motor has

i use 89 all the time, every once in awhile i’ll put in 91 or 93
its recommended to use 89 with my engine… and i figure with the bolt-ons the 91 or 93 wouldnt hurt