October 23rd C7performance Fall tour Official Invite!

The most anticipated event is finally here! C7performance is putting on its annual fall tour event. This will be our 4th year in a row running this event with the numbers nearly doubling ever year!!
First year: http://media.c7performance.com/showimg.php?file=/Signature/2002/FallTour/107-0756_IMG.JPG
Second year: http://media.c7performance.com/showimg.php?file=/Signature/2003/FallTour/95777355dCDHkw_ph.jpg
Third year: http://media.c7performance.com/showimg.php?file=/Signature/2004/FallTour/DSCN0010x.jpg

Incase you are new to the forums and haven’t heard of this event, it is our annual event where we try and unite all automotive enthusiasts together to go for a cruise through the country and take in the sights to come to a final destination where we can park and enjoy the fall colours and each others ride, all cars are welcome from completely stock to completely wild and crazy.

http://www.northarc.com/~synetic/video/2004falltour.wmv (backup mirror) is a video of last years tour!

This year we will have MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Canada on site again, as well Tuned magazine will be there to cover the event and publish peoples clubs and rides that wish to be in the magazine.

We are asking that everyone who wants to attend go to http://www.c7pfalltour.dhwd.ca and sign up so we know how many people to expect (Last year we had a record 525 cars!). As well any club presidents or event coordinators e-mail brandon@c7performance.com to get information on the pre-run.

Official thread is at http://forums.c7performance.com/showthread.php?t=10298 I will try and come back every so often to answer any questions/concerns anyone may have.

Went to this when I was still part of C7, it’s good fun.

I’ll be heading to this year’s too.

Hey guys just an update. With a month left we already have over 230 cars confirmed! This weekend we will be doing the pre-run (Oct 2nd). So all club leaders or representitives chosen by the club is highly recommended to contact brandon@c7performance.com so they can get the info on the pre-run. At the pre-run we will be answering any questions & going through the route.

Hey I just want to thank everyone who came out to the pre-run. We ran what will most likely be 95% of the real route. There will be a couple of SLIGHT changes to the route we ran. As well there will be another pre-run for club leaders on the 16th for those who missed it and then all the directions will be posted online for all club members to download !

We are just into Oct and already have over 300 cars confirmed !

It is with disappointment that we deliver this important message. This year’s event has been cancelled.

In the business of ‘getting the job done’ , we have come across, and effectively managed a number of challenges to put together what many have come to expect as a fun, safe, and well organized event. With interest, and participation of clubs that span the province, and representation of cars from a variety of manufacturers C7 has been proud to play a role in helping to bring our communities closer.

After much careful deliberation of those elements within our control, and those external to our project management of this event, your executive management team has taken the difficult decision to forgo operating this years event.

We realize many of you will be dissapointed, and some new to the event and the community here at C7 will wonder what you missed. This event is the work of many years of building bridges among clubs, and putting an event that brings real people together sharing a passion of something they have in common - their cars. We take great pride in the fact that we have offered this event with organization focused on safety first, and most of all fun.

We understand there may be disappointment, but at this time we trust you will recognize our decision was reached after much consideration of important factors that are required to offer such an event. We are taking lessons learned from 2005 and building them into our model for future events.

At this time, we would like to welcome any parties or individuals interested in driving this year’s designated route, to contact us. We would be pleased to offer route details for your own personal driving pleasure. We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize, and thank the many leaders that have assisted us in organizing this year’s event

Wishing you all a safe, and happy year end.

Your C7 Executive Management Team

Hey everyone I just wanted follow-up there has been a large demand for the route for this year’s tour. Below is the link for the directions. However I wanted to take the time to emphasize that should your club want to run the route, do not run it on the 23rd as the field is private property and every club can not go on the 23rd as the field won’t be open nor mowed and there will not be enough parking for all the cars.