OEM Engine Bay Paint Code

Hey guys I want to have some paint made up so I can spray my engine bay and I wanted to know if anyone knew the paint code for the engine bay on a stock pearl white color?

this is what i found.
hope this is the correct one, from a 98 240sx

Cool thanks that seems to be it but is the paint in the engine bay is the same as the exterior?

The solid color 240’s seem to have the same paint in the bay, but just not cleared.

Check to see it it is pearl looking but with no clear. I would assume they wouldn’t use a different color at the factory just for the bay.



Excellent point sir. I think you are bang on. Ill give it a try.


Car goes into paint after feb 21st. The shop had to prep a skyline for the car show so I got bumped. As soon as they are taken off Ill deliver them to you.

There is no paint code for the engine bay on older cars. You just match it the best you can with the solid colours paint chip book.

engine bay colour is same as body colour. Just look for the paint code on the rivited plated on your firewall. That plate should have your VIN, engine code, trans code, assembly plant code and paint code

WK0 ‘Aspen White Pearl Glow’ is correct.