Official: "Anyone else sick?" thread.

QUOTE=hondaride22;816960]shit yes… i got it from subway… will never eat that shit again… i think it was just their hot peppers cuz they never look healthy lol[/QUOTE]

subway is gross as hell. there shit is low quailty. it is just bad overall

:shoot: subway

yea , i have it,im sick as hell. Hit me outta no where. funny thing…im not even in buffalo…im in phoenix. but its the same exact symptoms

Headache, and dizzyness
Stomach feels like it isn’t full even though I just ate
and running for the Pepto

Went home early from work this morning because of it

yeah so mine turned into strep throat. yee fucking haw. I started taking this amoxacillin (sp) stuff yesterday and im starting to feel a little better…but it still blows ass. I heard it is some sort of like staff infection that is spreading like the fucking pleague. That would explain why I have strep. my gf is on her way over with a shit load of popsicles and ice cream wooooot. being sick blows…but staying in bed all day eating icecream and popsicles kinda roxors.

yea the sabres are SICK

I get sick every time I go back to Rochester. I haven’t been sick in Vegas yet (8 months).

yea i got a nasty cough friday, today i woke up and i was still sick… turns out its bronchitis.

yay still sick and now I think im getting an ear infucktion and my wisdom tooth decided to say hi again, causing the gums around it to just split about 1/4".

Yeah, I’m sick…again. This time its a nice bacterial bronchiole/lung infection. Went to the Dr today…he said if I waited another day or two it definitely would have turned into pneumonia. :tdown:. Every time I breathe in or out I can feel the shit gargling in my chest and it feels like im drowning. Worst part is, I was coughing so hard that I pulled a muscle in my ribs and it kills cuz I can’t stop coughing. If it was a productive cough that would be ok,but its not, so it just pisses me off lol. Oh well…He gave me some Tetra somethinerother antibiotic and an inhaler to help me breathe. Back to work I go tomorrow… yee haw. This should be fun…workin outside in the wet/cold with a bad lung infection.

hell yeah ive had a wicked cough ever since i woke up this morning. it sucks.

Ugh, woke up yesterday with a wicked sore throat stuffy nose and all congested.
Sat in the sauna for a while trying to sweat it out…felt fine for a few hours.

Then last night I was sooo sick, most sick i’ve been in a while, I had NO energy and could barley move out of bed. Woke up feeling much better, now i’m just dealing with a wicked cough, i’m coughing up a ton of flem. I’m over this shit.

Edit: 3 of my friends have the same thing.

F that get well than go back to work.
We can all use a little time off.

lol bump

and bump again


Me: Been sick since Friday
Parents: sick since Sunday
Fiance:Sick since 3 hours ago
Her Brother:sick since Saturday

it sucks cuz you feel like doing nothing.

lol…yeah working outside all the time owns my ass like hardcore.

luckily,I havent gotten sick at all this winter.

:word: purell FTW

unfortunatly I took off friday, monday and tues cuz ive been sick as fawk for almost a week now. I cant afford to take any more time off. Besides…if I pass out at work and hit my head or somethin thats comp wooot lmfao. Seriously though…this blows ass. no matter how much I cough I cant get this mucus out of my lungs.